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The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever is ideal if you need to store long and difficult items such as steel bars, piping, tubes or timber. Storage is horizontal, so can be handled manually or by forklift.

The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever is a versatile, modular system for storage of long or large goods. It’s perfect for all types of warehousing environments, and with no front uprights obstructing load placing and retrieval, all levels are available to a forklift.

Additional arms, uprights and braces can be added as storage requirements change, while single- and double-sided configurations provide maximum storage capacity – be it on a single central column, or fitting tightly against a wall.

All aspects of the Cantilever’s design comply with recommendations of the FEM 10.2.09 normative and EN 1993-1-1:2006 Design of Steel Structures.

The Medium & Heavy Duty Cantilever offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Totally bespoke system according to user requirements

  • Columns, bases and horizontal arms – creating a complete structure

  • Ideal for safe and efficient storage of long or large goods

  • Maximises horizontal space

  • Adjustable length and spacing between profiles

  • Can also be installed on a MOVO heavy duty mobile trolley

  • Efficient design with latest software, and compliant with IPE European standards, set by FEM and EN